Mysterious Places that effect People

Discover in yourself the unique ability of finding your personal place of power.

The five objects at Kraftarena Gross Gerungs are each characterized by their special points and lines of power.Try to enter the world of radiant and earth energy at all five places by using the divining rod or the pendulum.

If required we provide a special introduction!

You will discover the different qualities of spaces at Kraftarena Gross Gerungs - some of the places will make you feel revived, others will calm you down and help to relax. You will learn the new quality of listening into your body!

Clockwise rotating watercourses at the Steinpyramide will help you to refill your personal energy resources. On the other hand, at the Kirlingstein, geological faults form so called geomantic zones, which tend to bring relaxation and moments of reflection for most people. To evoid missunderstandings: all the single spots of Kraftarena Gross Gerungs are good for short time visits. Everybody, according to her/his state of health and mind can look for a place which is best for her/him at that moment. You never would use spots like these as sleeping places, which always should be neutral places, - in no way effected by radiants and earth energies! " way to completely destroy your health is an ill bed!..." by Paracelsus

For activities like meditation these zones might effect you extremely positively, only in connection with sleeping places one could possibly call these areas as "zones of disturbance".

In addition you can find a large number of unnamed granit-rock formations in the forests around Gross Gerungs. They all bear witness of the dramatic geological past of this area. Whereas the mysterious Steinpyramide once was built up by humans, the rest of the formations are of natural origin. Although it might possible be that the circle shaped bowls in some of the stones were handmade by our ancestors.

At all five places of power we provide small car parks and good signposted walkways to make most of your visit. To reach the places from the car parks you have to take short walking tours from 0.4 to about 1 mile which additionally helps to discover the unique landscape of the Waldviertel. On the walkway to the Weltkugel you will find interesting information stops and the tour to the Klause goes along one of the most romantic river valleys of the Waldviertel.

Why not come and discover the secrets behind our mysterious stone formations at Kraftarena Gross Gerungs!!??